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Adaptive Soul

I am an ambitious & passionate creative mind, always challenging myself in various fields of creative expression. From branding to computer building to poetry, I don't ever limit myself to one particular skill set because I don't only come with one package, there's a new package every day, we all get it as we wake. Simple yet sophisticated.


Branding & Design - 95%

11 Years Experience

App & Web Development - 75%

5 Years Experience

Security & Maintenance - 85%

9 Years Experience

Creative Writing - 75%

5 Years Experience

Social Media & SEO - 85%

5 Years Experience

Cloud Computing - 65%

2 Years Experience

Computers, Software & Hardware - 95%

12 Years Experience

Interests & Hobbies

Technology, Travel, Reading, Latin & Ballroom Dancing, Philosophy, Nature, Hiking, CryptoCurrency, Security and many more things.

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